Temporary license

CYPE program versions

Evaluation version, Temporary license and Professional version.

CYPE offers three ways of accessing their programs: Evaluation version, Temporary license and Professional version. The Evaluation version can be accessed for free and the Professional version and Temporary license are for exclusive use of CYPE clients.

The version with free access (Evaluation version) has all of CYPE's modules available to it, although its use does have time limitations. The Professional version and Temporary license do not have these limitations, and their module availability depends on the permits acquired by the user.

Professional version
This is the version that has always existed. The owner may use and access the programs and modules that have been acquired at any time.

Evaluation version
The Evaluation version can be accessed for free and its time of use is limited. It was brought about to introduce our programs and developments to professionals who do not yet access the programs as CYPE clients.

Campus version
The Campus version of CYPE programs is similar to the Temporary license version, but has been especially designed to be used in public networks that work under the premise of Eduroam (education roaming – initiative at international level to create a single safe mobility space in academic and investigation networks).

Temporary license
With this version, its time of use and program access can be personalised. Its main purpose is for use in academies, universities and other learning centres. It can also be of use to our clients.

A specific USB does not exist for each type of version. It is possible to install the version that is sought from the CYPE program installation USB. During the installation process, the computer will ask which version type is to be installed. Any of the versions may also be installed by obtaining the necessary file from the download area of our web page.

To summarise, this initiative forms part of the innovations we are constantly bringing to the market to improve the uses of our software. To paraphrase the popular Formula 1 sports commentator, Gonzalo Serrano, “This is CYPE in its pure state, ladies and gentlemen; if you blink, you’ll miss it”.
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